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Recognized as a premier global lighting company in the region, Jaquar emerges as the embodiment of elegance and innovation. The brand's collection holds a charm that few can rival, capturing the essence of the city's illumination standards. Blending technology and artistry, Jaquar lighting has become an aspirational choice for those who seek excellence.

Types of Lighting by Jaquar

  • 01

    Architectural & Fa├žade Lighting

    Magnifying the city's architectural marvels, these building facade lights brilliantly spotlight every structure.

  • 02

    Decorative Lighting

    Nestled in the urban heart, the brand's decorative lights offerings transform interiors, making them a top pick for discerning design enthusiasts and a talk among lighting stores.

  • 03

    Commercial Indoor Lighting

    Businesses aiming for luminous excellence often gravitate towards this renowned brand

  • 04

    Commercial Outdoor Lighting

    The city's iconic landmarks shine even brighter under the soft glow of these outdoor solutions.

  • 05

    Consumer Lighting

    Residents, in their quest for home elegance, often opt for these exquisite fixtures.

  • 06

    Smart Lighting

    Pioneering a new era of tech-infused luminance, the brand's smart lights solutions redefine urban illumination.

Why Choose Jaquar For Lighting Solutions?

  • Finishes: Every product's finish is a testament of commitment to match the city's opulence.
  • Unmatched Warranty: Beyond mere lighting, the promise of up to 5 years of warranty is the reason why it remains a favourite in lighting stores.
  • Longer Life: Durability and performance are at the core of every lighting product, ensuring they stand the test of time.
  • Versatility: Whether it's illuminating chic cafes or grand ballrooms, their solutions cater to all, seamlessly integrating LED efficiency for modern spaces.
  • Wide Range: The brand's extensive offerings reflect the city's diverse aesthetic taste, setting the gold standard for home illumination.
  • Jaquar Care: With customer satisfaction at its core, Jaquar lights up countless homes and establishments, making it a standout choice.

LED lighting is often preferred over regular lighting for its efficiency and longevity. For homes, ambient LEDs to mood-setting decorative lights, offer optimal solutions. Moreover, when it comes to the best online lighting store, residents have a myriad of choices. But in a city where the standard is nothing short of extraordinary, Jaquar lighting is the preferred choice for those who desire quality in every gleaming facet.