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In modern spaces, the bathroom is more like a canvas where every detail contributes to an overall aesthetic allure. Of the many different elements that are required to paint a complete picture of the perfect bathroom, flushing systems play a significant role.

Jaquar, a global brand offering modern bathroom solutions, brings you a design revolution in flushing systems that blends sophistication with functionality. These designs seamlessly blend beauty with practicality, featuring water-saving technology, hassle-free maintenance access, and anti-condensation capabilities.

Components of Flushing Systems by Jaquar

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    A concealed in-wall flushing system is designed to be installed directly in the pipeline. This revolutionary design utilizes water pressure efficiently, ensuring superior water waste clearance and effective trapping at the drainage.

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    Concealed cisterns are a smart choice for a wall-hung toilet. It is hidden behind a wall or a cabinet, making your bathroom more spacious and neat.

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    Flush Plates

    Flush plates are the most stylish and functional accessories that complement the concealed cisterns of Jaquar toilets. They are equipped with dual flush technology, which enables it to switch between half and full flush, depending on the need.

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    Flush Valves

    Flush valve is a high-performance and durable device that control water flow from the flush tank fitting to the toilet bowl. It is designed to create a sleek and modern look for the bathroom.

Perfect Features Promised

  • Flushing Systems

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    Saves Water

    Impressive Dual Flush with a provision of 3/6 ltr flush (Can be adjusted to 2/4 ltrs).

  • 02

    Less Noise

    Technically advanced, silent flush valve and fast-filling hydraulic float valve minimises the flushing sound during usage

  • 03

    Perfect Pan Cleaning

    Heavy and even water discharge during every flush at every water pressure.

  • 04

    No Damage from Condensation

    Has anti-condensation lining wrapping the tank and supply bend to protect damage from masonry condensation.

  • 05

    Easy to install and maintain

    Jaquar's floor standing frames with In-wall Cisterns not only provide the benefits of easy, quick and perfect installation but also allow you to choose contemporary wall mounted sanitaryware of your choice for the bathroom..

  • 06

    Easy Installation

    Easy and hassle free installation as no chiselling of wall is required.

  • 07

    Load Bearing Capacity

    Wall hung WC can be bolted simply and securely to the frame, which can take a load of up to 400 kg.

  • 08

    Wide Compatibility of WC

    Accommodates different types of wall hung WCs as holes are provided at different heights.

  • 09

    Perfect Easy Alignment

    Fixed inlet and outlet distance (135 mm from centre to centre) means perfect installation of WC, and pre-defined space for cistern results in perfect flushing every time

  • 10

    Adjustable Height

    Adjustable legs (0-200 mm) to allow for variation in heights of WC, as required.

Why choose Jaquar for the Flushing System?

Jaquar flushes offer a compelling set of reasons that make them the perfect choice.

  • Unmatched Warranty: Up to 10 years of warranty, providing a sense of security for all flushing systems.
  • Longer Life: All products are built to last long, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Finishes: Impeccable finishes that compliment any bathroom aesthetic
  • Jaquar Care: The staff at Jaquar always provides top-notch customer service. From product purchase to after-sales service, they are readily available.

Jaquar stands as a global leader in offering bathing solutions. Given the brand’s reputation, versatile systems, aesthetic finishings, extended warranty, and exciting customer reviews, Jaquar undoubtedly remains the first choice when looking for a flushing system.